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ReBuy Natural Color Red Agate Mala 108+1 Beads Lal Hakik Mala Agate Rosary

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Hakik Mala or Rosary are made from Akik stone and is considered very powerful. The popular belief is that it helps in protecting the wearer from bad energies and also helps in attaining courage and success.


There are too many good effects attached to Hakik Mala. Some texts suggest that wearing of it helps in good fortune, overcoming of fears and helps to alleviate certain types of allergies.


It attracts good fortune by eliminating bad luck. It has a calming effect during times of stress, giving a sense of strength and courage It has a calming and stabilizing effect on the body. It helps to encourage success and financial rewards Length.


A full mala has 108 beads plus the large “sumeru” bead. It is used to keep an individual focused and increase concentration during meditation. Malas can be used by anyone. Many religions and spiritual practitioners use it as a tool for counting mantras or prayers. It aims to follow the rhythm of the breath and mantra focusing the mind so that it will neither fall asleep nor wander off.


It overcomes fear and loneliness. This rosary is used for protection, people wear it for courage. Students wear it for getting success in competitive examinations. It is excellent during menopause and helpful in breast tumor. Hakik protects new life and therefore Hakik Rosary can be worn during pregnancy.


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