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Vashikaran Kavach – 31 cm

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Vashikaran Kavach
WEIGHT 10 gm Approx
SIZE Length of Kavach – 31 cm (12″) Approx
COLOR Brown and White
MATERIAL Rudraksh and Crystal Beads

<span”>Product Description</span”>

Vashikaran Kavach is used to attract an individual you desire and bring her/ him under your influence. This powerful Yantra can be used to bring back the lost love or for drawing/ attracting someone in your life with whom you wish to spend your complete life. Vashikaran Kavach Locket should not be used for ill intentions or negative purposes.

Vashikaran Amulet can be applied in several ways such as improving personal, and professional relationships between friends, family etc.This powerful Tabeez can also be used to bring back the relative in your life like Father, Mother, Sister, Brother or any other relatives. Vashikaran Talisman can also be used to attract victory and prosperity in your life.

Benefits of Vashikaran Kavach

If the person with the wrong intention comes to you, she/he will not be able to do any destruction. That is why Vashikaran Kavach Yantra will protect the wearer from the opponent after using it or carrying this Vashikaran Kavach (Amulet).

  • Vashikaran Kavach Locket improves relationship.
  • Vashikaran Tabij protects us from the enemy.
  • Vashikaran Talisman removes hurdles in the life.
  • It also improves Love life or marital life
  • Vashikaran Tabiz gets your Love Back.
  • It is also helpful in court cases.

Wearing Vashikaran Kavach Locket enhances appreciation and understanding of Love, Music, Pleasure and Personal Relationships.

Vashikaran Talisman is considered the provider of all types of desires, attainments and luxuries. The more powerful your desire, the sooner the results – provided you perform the using of the Vashikaran Tabeez with sincere single-minded purpose and devotion. Also for bringing a beloved individual under control for beneficial or good intentions such as promoting synchronicity and harmony as a couple.

It is also very good for persons who wish to enhance their Attraction, Charisma, Brilliance and Magnetism and all those who wish to make control over any body. ‘ deals with 100% real Vashikaran Kavach Locket and energizes it with Vedic chants, before sending it to the Patrons.


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