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visnu shaligram, narasimha shaligram

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Saligram is actually the name of the village on the banks of the river Gandaki are picked up.these sacred stones were found in abundance. The stones were therefore called Shaligrama. Shaligram Lord Vishnu formats are obvious. Lord Narayana is derived from the ontological nature Gandaki river. Vaishnavas (Hindu) use an iconic representation of Vishnu, in the form of a spherical, usually black-coloured  worship of Satnarayan Bhagwan.

Saligram incarnation of Lord Vishnu in all that has happened in the round like if Shaligram name of Lord Vishnu and Krishna Gopal Shaligram known. if Shaligram fishery where it was found in the size of the fish are.if  Salagrama terrapin is found in the size of the turtle incarnation of Lord Vishnu, known as the so-terrapin terrapin turtle’s shape Shaligram get. Shaligram various Vishnu (Krishna) is in the form of the name.

By continual Jalabhishek Shaligram basil leaf on a person only if offered by the Lord Narayana are pleased soon. Shaligram life time born from the sins of Worship, Heating, curse destroyed. Joy, peace and wealth, honor, position, prestige increases.

Different types of Saligram sila

(1) Pradyumna sila (2) Vaaman sila (3) Varaha sila (4) Purushottama sila (5) Narayana sila (6) Nrisimha sila (7) Ananta sila (8) Janardan sila (9) Vasudeva sila (10) Matsya sila (11) Kurma sila (12) Buddha sila (13) Kalkin sila (14) Vishvakesha sila (15) Hayagrivas sila (16) Srikara sila (17) Harihara sila, and (18) Lakshminarayana sila. 

 Way of worship :

Taking Visnu Shaligram wash it with the Ganga water and Situated worship Place.


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